Gone are the old days of manual work. But it wasn’t long ago when retail stores used handwritten cheques and accounts were managed through notebooks. Most of us have lived through the digital transformation and have seen technology takeover. From landline phones to ultra slim smartphones and from customer call centers to website live chats, technology has truly changed our everyday lives.

Sometimes we reminisce the pre-tech times but give a chance to go back, few will make that choices. Technology has added convenience, comfort, and speed to our lives and there is no denying that.

Industries Revamped by Technology

Let’s talk about some of the industries that technology continues to help and grow!

1. Medicine

Technology has been a game change in medicine. Using modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence has enabled accurate and early diagnosis of health conditions, help detect and treat diseases effectively. The widespread use of technology in healthcare facilities ensures faster, effective, and appropriate treatment, while keeping the costs minimum.

Technology automates routine tasks that otherwise consume a lot of time, such as recording patient data, writing or typing patient history, and more. With technology integration, repetitive tasks are automated, so more time can be spent in treating patients.

Also, technology has been a game changer in finding effective ways to treat diseases, such as cancer. And not forget the possibility of telehealth that helps treat physically disabled and geographically dispersed patients.

2. E-Commerce

When it comes to the world of shopping, technology has redefined the phenomenon. The rise of e-commerce in the last few years has been tremendous. Technology has allowed people to buy anything from anywhere in the world while being in the comfort of their homes.

And we might not have realized the significance of online shopping earlier, but during the pandemic, our lives were dependent on online shopping, even for medicines and groceries.

Open source e-commerce platforms, like WordPress and WooCommerce, have allowed small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs to go digital. It is great for businesses who cannot afford running a retail store. Also, it allows businesses to target a larger audience – all thanks to technology!

Technology has also revamped customer experiences with various features, such refilling customer details at checkout, live chat for solving instant queries, encrypted payment gateways for secure payments, and more.

3. Television

Technology has changed our ways of consuming entertainment. With breakthrough platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube, television has lost its charm. The days of traditional television is coming to an end as technology-driven platforms are popularizing.

In today’s faced-paced world, people hate to be confined and limited. Unlike traditional television where programs are broadcasted at particular times, these on-demand platforms let you watch your favorite shows whenever you want to. And with offline modes that let you download content, people don’t have much reasons to stick to TV.

The convenience that technology brings into our lives is making it difficult for a lot of traditional businesses and industries to survive. Who knew we would be talking about televisions like this?

4. Transport

And when it comes to the world of transport, Uber has done the job. With people becoming more concerned about their social reputations, travelling in a yellow cab was destined to die. Uber cashed the opportunity well and allowed people to travel in private cars.

What’s genius is that Uber does not own any cars and works with absolutely no inventory. One mobile app is all it took for the ride-hailing service to change the transportation industry.

Tech-oriented transport services are curbing unemployment by helping people add another source of earning to their basked that gives them the freedom to work whenever they want to.

Which other industry do you think witnessed the most changes? Let’s talk about it!