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Building & Construction

Construction Estimator, Builder, Construction Manager, Project Supervisor, Building Inspector etc.


Human Resource Manager, Office Manager, Operations Manager, Functions Manager, Legal Secretary etc.


Security Officer, Security Technician, Security Patrol Officer, Security Supervisor, Control Room Officer etc.

Information Technology

Business Analysis, Networking, Web Development, Design Consultant, Multimedia Designer, Project Manager etc.


Aged Care Worker, Personal Care Assistant, Work Health & Safety Manager, Work Health & Safety Officer, Nutritionist, etc.

People and service

Child Care Educator, Child Care Worker, Aged Care Worker, Personal Care Assistant, Education Assistant etc.

Aged Care

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Child Care

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Our Services

Career Guidance & Counseling

We help you identify your current potentials and interests, and provide direction in to you accordingly.

Education & Training

Depending upon your existing career standing and industry preference, our experts help you avail the wide range of services we offer in the Education.

Facilitation of Off-Shore Education

Looking forward to have an Australian qualification or a certificate?
We can make it possible.

Assistance in Immigration Services

If you are in Dubai, India or Pakistan? We are your one stop destination to fulfill all your career needs as well as every issue that comes with immigration to Australia.

Recruitment & Labor Hiring

It is important for the right person to be on the right job. Understanding this, we support job seekers with expert advice to find industry work experience to achieve their aspirations.
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