It took a few weeks for COVID-19 to bring down the world to its knees. It spread in different countries and killed hundreds sooner than one could think of. What started as a virus in one country become a pandemic, shut down businesses, disrupted economies, killed thousands, and left the world in turmoil. The virus has been a nightmare, and we don’t know if and when everything will go back to the old normal.

But in these difficult times, technology kept the world moving. If it weren’t for the ever-evolving technologies, we might not have survived this pandemic.

Technology – the Savior!

Here is how technology saved the world from a total disaster amid COVID-19!

1. Enabled Work from Home

Social distancing was a major challenge that came with the virus, especially in offices where people are seated closely. Bringing hundreds of people under one roof meant risking everyone’s lives. With limited testing kits in the beginning and little to no information on the virus, social distancing was the only way to go.

Closing offices was not an option, and work from home was the only option that allowed businesses to operate while keeping everyone safe. Thanks to internet-based platforms like Zoom and Google Meets.

Work from home let people keep themselves and their families safe without losing their jobs. Since then, remote jobs have become popular, and organizations have found a new way to operate that otherwise might not have accelerated.

2. Escalated E-Commerce Growth

When markets were shut, and businesses closed, people were unable to buy anything. And even when markets were opened with strict SOPs, people were reluctant to step out due to massive chances of catching the virus. That’s when technology allowed businesses to go online so that customers could shop without physically visiting stores.

Online shopping isn’t a new concept, but COVID-19 pushed it as the preferred mode of shopping. Technology helped small businesses go digital too, via social media platforms and open-source e-commerce stores.

It is fair to say that the pandemic pushed online shopping and skipped at least six years of growth. Businesses now know that the best way to survive is through technology because all it takes is one virus to shut everything. Literally everything.

3. Online Education

Going to work to earn money might still be acceptable to some during such times. But sending children to schools and colleges and risking their lives is acceptable to none. Educational institutes were amongst the first to close when the virus started spreading.

But that meant a year or more of staying at home without studying. Students were anxious as their graduations were delayed, which meant delaying job hunting. It was important to find a solution that could keep the learning going but keeping everyone safe too at the same time.

That’s when technology took over with online learning platforms. Traditional classrooms shifted to online classes, even for primary classes. That gave children a way to keep moving, have a routine, and not waste time.

It was a challenge for senior teachers who weren’t familiar with gadgets and technology, but soon they adapted to the changing learning dynamics.

Technology is No Longer the Future. It is the Present!

The world was slowly moving towards technological advancements, but the pandemic pushed the developments. Technology is now the key to survival and a significant player in almost all industries.

It is fair to say that technology helped us survive during the pandemic and played a vital role in keeping businesses going.

Now is the time we leverage modern technologies to create a difference!