The last few decades have been challenging with different diseases on the rise and let’s not even get started with the atrocities of the global pandemic. People have started taking their physical and mental seriously, now more than ever. And technology has been a true helping hand in the world of medicine. Thanks to accurate diagnostics, advanced treatments, and telehealth, more people have access to quality healthcare.

But technology is also working on preventive healthcare solutions to help people maintain good health. Fitness trackers are one example!

Everything You Need to Know About Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker is a worn device that connects with a mobile app using Bluetooth and tracks physical activities of the wearer.

Technology Used by Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker, also called the activity tracker, is an upgraded version of the traditional pedometers. These wearable devices also use accelerometers and altimeters. The two major contributors to creating fitness trackers are the hardware, and API.

Most fitness trackers of the day now use a three-axis accelerometer. There are optical sensors for heart rate monitoring

Benefits of Using Fitness Trackers

Here is why you definitely need a fitness tracker and make the best use of technology:

  • Tracks Daily Progress

Your fitness tracker uses electronic activity monitors to track and record your physical activity, including number of steps taken, total distance covered, heart rate, calories burnt, stress levels, and more. If you are on a fitness journey or want to keep a check on your health, get a fitness tracker and record your progress.

  • Free Fitness Tips

The fitness tracker helps you set your fitness goals and present an auto-generated plan to help you achieve your goals. This includes getting daily step count goals and more. Some fitness trackers also present recommend meal plans and dietary intake to help you get closer to your dream body.

  • Mobile Notifications

If you are someone like me who keeps the phone on silent mode, your fitness tracker will change the game for you. The fitness tracker will vibrate and notify you when you get a phone call, message on WhatsApp, and notifications from other apps. Its built-in alarm feature will make sure you are never late to work.

The Right Audience for Fitness Trackers

One thing about cool gadgets is that they make you want to buy one, even if you don’t really need it, and so is the case with fitness trackers.

Fitness trackers are made for people who are enthusiastic about their fitness and want to keep a record of their daily activities. Don’t worry if you aren’t regular with your exercises. Most fitness trackers are simple to use and are made for everyone, even those who are yet to start their fitness journey.

These fitness trackers are a great place to start. Different advanced technologies used in fitness trackers monitor your heart rate, physical activities, and calories burnt, helping you get closer to your fitness goals. Tracking your progress and results will help you revise your workout and fitness strategy to get the best results.

But if you want an Apple Watch just because it looks cool, then I don’t recommend it.

Technology & Medicine

Technology has tremendous implications in the field of medicine. From advanced technology of diagnostics to telehealth solutions, medicine has taken a new fold.

These technologies will help people maintain their health and seek medical aid as soon as a discrepancy is felt. No wonder that technology has the best use in medicine as it actively helps in avoiding and treating health issues in people of all ages.